Karsten on the Business of Software et al.

(### Software architects vers. gardening. - but link, e.g. Pragm. Programmers ###)

Interestingly pattern-based problem solutions outside of software development, as in human-interaction patterns, wherever the solution cannot be described in a very formal way, tend to describe the problem-recognition-pattern very detailled and give the solution in a "best-practice" way. The most amusing approach I know of so far is "Project Behaviours: from Adrenalin Junkies to Template Zombies".

Here the others, well renowned Atlantic System Guild partners, explicitely refer to Christopher Alexander and point to pattern recognition (in the sense of problem recognition) from the very beginning. But instead of formalising/templating patterns, the authors smoothly transfer the patterns in an understandable way.

An equivalent, more formal, more psychological and not influcenced by C. Alexander would be Eric Berne's "Games People Play", a book on patterns of communicational transactions.