Karsten on the Business of Software et al.

My Little Pattern World

Patterns became a famous thing (i.e. 'buzzword') in the software business end of the 1990s, after the reception of the "Gang of Four" pattern book.


Nevertheless and pointed out in this book, patterns were used before, intentionally and subconscious, but not being labelled with terms globally known.


(It would be very interesting to get some historic information about the first patterns used in the software area [like the infamous first occurency of a "bug" - Grace Hopper], but I couldn't find anything about this topic so far.).


One can understand patterns as a general principle of human thinking.


Anyway - patterns can help us to shift between different states of abstraction and to help to reduce complexity when speaking about complex materia.


Patterns are a fascinating topic and I like to show you some interdependencies between thinking in software patterns and thinking in patterns in general...