Karsten on the Business of Software et al.

Welcome visitor!

This is my very private site. Dunno what you intended to find here, but I'm sure what you're looking for might not have been constructed yet.


Good news is that you sometimes might find some more or less interesting stuff about music, poetry.

Ah. And software in the broader sense: On the one hand, I'll reflect upon software patterns and try to show the relation to thinking in patterns in general.

On the other hand, I try to describe some powers that have an influence on software as a "common" business and to mark out differences and similarities between other business areas.


You'll find my bookmarks at BibSonomy, so please don't expect to find a lot of links here.


I wish I had more time to put something on my blog, actually it's not worth a look, really.


Family members can also get access to even more private pages.Send me an e-mail if you like to.